Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 13 – Resident Elvis

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Edward Price
Is the creator of this site and host of this podcast… Well, most of it, anyway. After 100 posts on this site you think he’d make a good intro for himself this time, but apparently not. Sorry.

Gaminglives PageEdward

Christopher Hartnup
Creator of Shutdownreboot, did a charity thing for Special Effect, makes moral choices when playing football games, presses x for product placement and might not shower during E3. Gross.
Gaminglives PageChris

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster, kidnapped Father Christmas, self harmed with a bacon sandwich and is afraid he’s going to do it again!
Nuthin’ Else To
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Markuz Reid – Creator of as well as this podcast’s theme tune, and despite several podcasts discussing his hatred for Billy Mitchell still has some ways to go until he’s finished, if he ever is. He’d rather go homeless and amble about London than go back to playing more Secret World.
Gaminglives PageMarkuzR

In This Episode, We…

- Introduce ourselves to all the wonderful new people on iTunes and any new listeners, or bore those who’ve heard us before. You know, swings and roundabouts.
- Renovate an old classic by trying out a new way of discussing what we’ve been playing recently, which includes Batman: Arkham City, Inversion, Wizzorb and more!
- Attempt to stay awake at the Black Ops 2 announcement, discuss its possible success and plot, and then pitch new entries in the series.
- Defect sides and complain about EA renting servers for Battlefield 3 on top of the online passes and their plans for a possible subscription service, and ponder whether or not EA have gone too far.
- Get home safely before dark after Minecraft’s release on the XBLA, debate if Mojang are still indie, as well as console gamers’ mentalities over the game’s launch.
- Think of the children over news that Japan are considering outlawing in-app purchases and microtransactions in order to stop smaller minds being corrupted, as well as the pay model’s place in the industry.
- Pitch more ideas based on Battleship The Movie’s tie-in game, which swapped the genre of the original game to an FPS style, with the winner of the best pitch taking over hosting duties for the rest of the podcast.
- Devise some devious plots, get even more confused at other countries over Germany banning Xbox 360 consoles, wonder if the Elder Scrolls MMO will fly and sneak in some opinions about the upcoming Dishonoured.
- Provide some familiarity as we keep the recommendations of the week exactly the same as it always is, the perfect close to a brilliant podcast.

Thanks for listening, and remember to spread the word and subscribe on that cool new iTunes doohickey everyone’s started talking about of late!
We’ll be back in a couple weeks with a pre-E3 podcast.

Before we leave you, I’d like to give a special thank you to Lee of The Game Jar, who had to spend a lot of time dealing with me in the name of getting the LAG podcast on iTunes. If you want to hear Lee and other Game Jar members on their own podcast, you should.

And if you missed it earlier, here is where you download Life’s A Game, now on iTunes!

<3 Edward Price, aka Jokesound.

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