Life’s A Game Podcast 19 – Coldplay Presents Late Night Accountancy

What happens when you combine James Bond, an Awards Ceremony, Pokémon, and an attempt to make a modern horror game? Why, you get the Life’s A Game Podcast!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, your nominees this evening are…

Edward Price
The creator of this site and host of this podcast, he didn’t love Dishonored as much as everyone else seemed to, and now spends his days afraid Corvo will pause time, shoot him with an incendiary bolt and make it look like spontaneous human combustion. It happens!
Gaminglives PageEdward

Richie Harkness
Creator of The 80s Movie Club. Look, I’ll level with you, I genuinely thought we were done with the midget thing, but then someone had to go and bring clowns into it too and just. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
The 80s Movie ClubFilms!
Gaminglives PageRichie

Keegan Spindler
An incredibly tall and amicable South African man who also writes for Gaminglives. He’s also a fairly twisted man who knows how to make horror for a modern audience and isn’t adverse to letting a little bit of power get to his head. His tall, tall head.
Gaminglives PageKeegan

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster and Kinect owner. He also made a mod for an indie game called “Dinner Date” and plans to change another indie darling into “Dear Sandwich” in future.
Nuthin’ Else To
Gaminglives Page -Ric
Download the “Dire Date” mod here!

In our acceptance speech tonight…

- Keegan tells us an amusing anecdote about his friend, photography and the state of the sex industry.

- The gang tells us what they’ve been playing, why Borderlands 2 is like Toblerone, why Ric gets glared at for buying sexy games, how Keegan avoids sleep and why he’d plotting to kill Ed over XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and why Ed’s still been playing Worms Revolution, why he didn’t love Dishonored and why the Walking Dead game is amazing.

- We trundle down the red carpet as Richie sets fire to it due to his intense dislike of the GMAs (games Media Awards), and we decide to give ourselves some trophies instead.

- Richie serenades us with the Goldfinger theme as we talk about movie tie-ins and the recently released 007 Legends, and why Bond’s raunchy sixties outlook wouldn’t fly today.

-Ed introduces a new feature called “With A Twist”, where we examine a series of games and try to add a single twist that’d reshape the title entire. For the inaugural entry, we’ve gotta twist ‘em all with Pokémon!

- The much-loved Pitch Time! tasks everyone with inventing a spooky game based on the horrors of modern life, spawning the future classics “Midgets & Clowns”, “Late Night Accountancy”, “Commitment: The Game” and “Dry”.

- The new host reveals his new feature “Let’s insult Ed for a minute”, to cries of dissent, “this is the dumbest thing we’ve ever done”, and a tear-jerking rendition of So Solid Crew’s 21 Seconds.

Life’s A Game will be back in November with hopefully both the 20th episode and another Spoilercast!

-Jokesound <3