Life’s A Game Podcast 20 – Ketamine Art-Critic

Peter Molyneux having Flava Flav as a hype-man? Far Cry on Jurassic Park? Games, I Guess? Sounds like the Life’s A Game Podcast, out of its awkward teenage years and into adulthood! Woo!

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Shouting at you above the noise of the DJ putting on another song you don’t care about are…

Edward Price
The creator of this site and host of this podcast, he’s convinced he needs a hype-man or someone to follow him whilst narrating his life and whispering things in his ear, but can’t decide whether it should be Morgan Freeman, Mike Patton or Jason Statham.
Gaminglives PageEdward

Mat Jones
Man in a Banana costume. Writer of many words. I’d heartily recommend them.
Oh No! Videogames!
BigRedBarrel PageMat
The Oh No! Videogames! Podcast on iTunesSubscribe!

Keegan Spindler
Gaminglives, Beefjack and Platform writer, attempts to describe him result in uttering “He’s so… tall!”. He’s started a podcast of his own, which Ed will one day join, hijack and usurp as his own.
Gaminglives PageKeegan
The Platform PodcastListen here!

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster and Indie Developer: He made a game of the “Coldplay Presents: Dry” pitch from episode 19, and you can download it via the link below!
Nuthin’ Else To
Gaminglives Page -Ric
Download the “Dire Date” mod here!
Ric’s New Indie Game!Sad Lonely Studios presents – dry.

Before someone strides up to the laptop and changes the tunes, the setlist tonight includes…

- The Gang and newcomer Mat telling us what they’ve been playing lately, which includes the uDraw Tablet, Spec Ops: The Line (and the book analysing it: Killing Is Harmless), Chaos On Deponia, The Walking Dead, why Peter Molyneux needs Flava Flava as a Hype-Man, The Darkness II, The Good Life (and why it may have ruined Ric’s Life), and Dishonored (and why it fell short).

- During that discussion, we also contemplate why Peter Molyneux should have Flava Flav as a hype-man, why Bionic Commando’s twists leaves more unanswered questions than it should, and what should be the GOTY, Catherine, Journey or Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock?

- We briefly look at some of the newest releases, including Far Cry 3 and Hitman Absolution, and why its plot contrivances mean that it’s not a good Hitman game, but it’s enjoyable if you’re not a fan of the series.

- We return to our new feature “With A Twist”, with “What if it was the Wii U, but…” and “What if it was Far Cry 3, but…”

- The greatest feature this podcast has ever known – Pitch Time! – is retired, but before it is we celebrate twenty episodes by pitching a game based on our awkward teenage years (resulting in “Angst”, “Prom” (which is inadvertantly similar to the game “Prom Week”), “Submarine”, “Afro”, and “Ketamine Art-Critic) and then pitch an appropriate send-off for Pitch Time! (giving us delights such as “Peter Molyneux Presents: Pitch Time (Featuring Flava-Flav)”, “Pitch Time! (An Adventure Time Rip-Off)”, “Pitch Time! – The Album” and “Pitch”).

-For the final time, Pitch Time! decides the host of the rest of the podcast, and our new overlord changes the name to the “Games, I Guess. Podcast” before calling time on the proceedings.

We’ll be back next month! Honest!

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