Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 5 – Drowning Zombies

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 5 – Drowning Zombies – Click this link and then download when prompted.

Hello, and welcome again to the Life’s A Game Podcast!

We’re on to episode five of the podcast, and because of the technical difficulties with the previous episode, that means you lucky people get two podcasts this week! That’s sensationally awesome! Yaaaay!

For this episode, I was joined by some of the ever lovable Gaminglives Crew (this time around those people were the returning Adam Freeman, Kat Rice and Christopher Hartnup, all of whom were absent from episode four) and my incredibly awesome german friend Jan Klama!

The topics of discussion for episode five were, in no particular order:
Dead Island, The Next BIG Thing, Alan Wake, Starfox 64 3D, A New Beginning, games we enjoy save for one persistent element, Crysis 2, Mass Effect 2, Yahtzee’s Mogworld, Left 4 Dead 2, Environmental Messages in games, Super Meat Boy, Games that could do with a genre shift, Resident Evil 5 and Revelations, Silent Hill Downpour, Burnout Crash!, New Super Mario Bros, videogaming in Corfu and Steam’s damned good security, and our recommendations of the week.

If you have any ideas of topics you’d like us to discuss or ways we could improve future podcasts, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below! Any suggestions and valid criticisms will be taken on board and applied where possible to help improve the podcast in the long term.

I’d like to thank the following people for taking part in the podcast, and I hope they’ll join me very soon. If you want to check out their stuff outside this podcast, take a gander below for the podcast attendees, their Twitter and Gaminglives pages, and where applicable, their blogs:
Adam Freeman (Twitter) (Gaminglives) (Blog)
Christopher Hartnup (Twitter) (Gaminglives) (Blog)
Jan Klama
Kat Rice (Twitter) (Gaminglives Page) (Blog)

Thanks everyone for listening to the podcast, and we hope to see you soon! Please make sure to support the podcast by downloading it, liking it and sharing it with your friends!

Much love,
Edward Price, aka Jokesound.

P.S: Chris and I will be attending this year’s Eurogamer Expo on behalf of! Keep a look out! :D

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