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Life’s A Game Podcast 22 – Dictator Lemon Party

Keyblade Seppuku, Wreck-It Racism, Drake And Josh’s Deception, Ken needing a cuddle and fascist fruit orgies are all things that I’ve not only just listed, but only make sense if you listen to the latest Life’s A Game…

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Enough of the introductory words, tell me who’s on this show!

I am LuigiEdward Price
Site creator and Podcast host, and propagator of silly voices; he doesn’t think anyone will pick up on the subtle hints he provides throughout this episode, but truth be told, he didn’t really care for Uncharted 3 that much, at all. If only he’d explain why…
Gaminglives PageEdward

Keegan Spindler
Gaminglives, Beefjack and Platform writer; he had to talk about the new Aliens game this week because Richie wasn’t around to tell us something about it. On the plus side, very few people were harmed as a result.
Gaminglives PageKeegan
The Platform PodcastListen here!

RicV2Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster, battle of the bands loser and keyblade owner. He likes things that are objectively terrible, especially David Cage. What a handsome jerk that Ric is. Darn him.
Signposted Disastersignposteddisaster.co.uk
Gaminglives PageRic
Nuthin’ Else To Donuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com
Dire Date – The Dinner Date Mod The “Dire Date” mod
Ric’s New Indie Game!Sad Lonely Studios presents – dry.
Ric’s Prototype for Life’s A Game: The GameMiddle Distance Games presents – Life’s A Game: The Game (Alpha)

In this episode, the Three Amigas get into the following adventures…

- The episode starts with what we’ve been playing, including Far Cry 3, Uncharted 3 (with spoilers for the end of Uncharted 2), DmC: Devil May Cry, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengance, Skate 2, F1 Race Stars and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

- Ric explains his issue with art games, their pricing structure and why he doesn’t use Twitter much anymore.

- The Aliens: Colonial Marines controversy is almost discussed but instead we think about podcast regular Richie and his opinion of it before moving on to what someone who is actually on this episode thinks.

- Tired of everyone making predictions for the Sony Announcement most of the gaming press insisted was for the Playstation 4 (and were eventually proven to be right), we came up with our own ideas of the best things they could announce instead. (We admit this discussion was poorly timed as we recorded before the event only remembering afterwards that the podcast would be released after the conference)

- Wreck-It Ralph has finally been released in the UK, so we wax lyrical about a film that does videogames right, even if it doesn’t use the cameos well.

- Ed has another plan for Keegan’s wedding.

- Ed pitches a new take on the Uncharted series, spawning another “With A Twist!”, with “What if it was Uncharted 3, but…”

- We look at the next month’s releases and debate which of them we’re most looking forward to, Ric desires something a little Japanese and the Three Amigas brainstorm the next viral phenomenon.

- The episode ends with Ric singing us a song based on the podcast’s events.

See you maybe in March?

Life’s A Game Podcast Episode 14 – Haunted By Lollipops

With E3 just around the corner, Ed takes some time away from preparing and teams up with Ric and Richie to stave off the wait and deliver podcasting gold yet again… if we keep calling it ‘podcasting gold’, eventually it’ll catch on. We’re sure of it…

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What do you mean that’s still not all?! This episode was full of so much audible goodness that we simply couldn’t fit it all in to a single transmission lest we caused heads to explode and minds to shatter in our wake! That’s why we’re going to give you the honour, nay, the priviledge to stream the out-takes and get more brilliance than you’d ever bargained for!

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The Voices You’re Hearing This Episode Are…

Edward Price
The creator of this site and host of this podcast… or so he keeps insisting. He’s waited for over a decade to go to E3, but if he dies out there, know that he did in the most awesome way imaginable; buried under a mountain of videogames.
Gaminglives PageEdward

Richie Harkness
Creator of Peoww.co.uk, his anger and rants can be placated by dinosaurs. He’s such a big fan of derailing that stereotypical Victorian villains hate him for preventing their dastardly plans of crushing damsels under trains.
Gaminglives PageRichie
The Peoww! Podcast on iTunesPEOWWcast!

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster, his father is(n’t) Jason Donovan, and may be the reason that you’ll be haunted by lollipops after this episode.
Signposted Disastersignposteddisaster.co.uk
Nuthin’ Else To Donuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com
Gaminglives Page -Ric

Want To Know What Happens This Episode? We’ll Tell You!

- Ric kicks off the proceedings by telling us a story about how his father learnt that lying pays, if only in delicious muffins.

- Ed and Ric explain their woes with Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and Fifa ’09 respectively, Richie recalls his achievement whoring woes with the latter and his recent attempts at relaxation with Minecraft.

- Diablo 3 has become the fastest selling PC game ever despite having one of the worst launches imaginable thanks to the always-on DRM. We discuss whether the game’s success despite this will cast a bad omen over the future of gaming and encourage other companies to introduce game-crippling anti-piracy measures in future.

- Sony have patented plans to interrupt games with commercials, and we’re more than happy to tell you our opinions after this commercial break!

- Richie gives us all a lesson in naming and marketing your game after Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning creators 38 Studios have gone out of business, and Ric reveals some of the rumours going around about the bankruptcy, prompting Richie and Ed to complain about the over-abundance of MMOs.

- Ed fails to second-guess Richie’s potential disappointment at the Aliens: Colonial Marines delay, prompting a rant by the latter on 2K Games and why Colonial Marines will kill you with face-hugging and disappointment. Ric brings us back to reality and explains why the slew of delays to early 2013 aren’t the end of the world.

- Pitches abound when Ed demands Ric and Richie to devise a crazy PR stunt for an upcoming game at E3, with the winner taking over hosting duties for the rest of the episode. He soon learns what a massive mistake this was.

- Hosting duties are passed on and we all give some actual predictions for what will happen at E3.

- Richie reminds Ed that the Playstation Move actually exists, prompting Ed to tell the story of the Playstation Vita launch party and the bromance between Tim Westwood and Chris Moyles.

- Ric asks Richie for a review of the new XBLA racer Mad Riders, then prompting Ric to question if there was ever a bad Burnout game.

- The magic ends with the recommendations of the week once again; Richie sells Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Ed promises baby-making greatness from the Gaminglives E3 coverage.

Thanks once again for listening, and we hope you enjoy! The next podcast will be a couple of weeks after E3, allowing us to recover from the biggest gaming event of the year.

If you want up to date news, previews and interviews from E3, then I encourage you to check out the coverage from Gaminglives.com. We’ll be dedicated to bringing you the best coverage possible, and so if you check out the website and the YouTube channel during the week, and we’ll also try to throw in a couple of podcasts for you as well. ;)

<3 Edward Price, aka Jokesound.