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Life’s A Game Podcast 24 – PokéSavile

If snapping lurid pictures of probably underage animals and blowing your flute at them isn’t wrong, then what is? Chowing down on Ronald McDonald’s Jizz Sauce? Taking part in a Nazi fashion parade for Cheesecake? And which of those is considered a sex act in Japan? Don’t worry, Life’s A Game doesn’t promise to have the answers to any of these questions.

So how can you listen to this then? Well luckily, we know the answer to that! For example, if you right-click and select “Save As” on that hyperlink above, you can download the podcast to listen to at your pleasure!

And if you don’t want to do that, you can always subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and leave us a lovely review about how great we are!

Okay, I’m going to guess the question and say that you can also stream it from the page by using the player below. PREMONITION!

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Well Answer Me This! Who’s In This Thing?

Edward Price
Site creator and Podcast host; he hoped for an uncontroversial episode for once that didn’t require editing, and instead ended up involved in the most offensive podcast in the series’ history. If he edited most of this episode, it’d just be 20 minutes of talking to himself.
Gaminglives PageEdward

Richie Harkness
Creator of The 80s Movie Club. Hates clowns so much that he feels violated every time he even thinks of McDonalds burgers. Just don’t ask him what’s in the secret sauce.

Gaminglives PageRichie
The 80s Movie ClubFilms!

Ste Marsh
Gaminglives writer and recently married man; he hasn’t been on the podcast since before it was on iTunes, leading many to wonder if he’d died. Turns out he was fine all along, we asked his mother and she decided to let him out to play.
Gaminglives PageSte

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster. Is still convinced that David Cage is some sort of genius, and not in an avante garde sense. I’m convinced he’s just a sleeper agent designed to sell Quantic Dream titles.
Signposted Disastersignposteddisaster.co.uk
Gaminglives PageRic

Nuthin’ Else To Donuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com
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Fine, If You Have All The Answers Then What Are You Talking About In This Episode?

- What we’ve been playing lately. (Tomb Raider, Poker Night at the Inventory 2, Bioshock Infinite, Real Steel, Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Pro Evo 2008, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Lost Planet 3 and The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct)

- The new Xbox is being revealed in a month, but the bigger news is you can now order Pizza Hut from your Xbox! That is a thing now! Yaaay!

- If it helps, we also predict what the next Xbox is going to be like.

- Nintendo aren’t doing an E3 conference this year or something. We question whether we really care or if it’s basically pointless with their Nintendo Direct conferences being a fraction of the cost and just as successful?

- Last time we discovered that Simcity was borked up the borkhole, and this time… it’s still buggered! Richie has a thing or two to say about that.

- Call of Duty Leaks. Tesco leaked something by Infinity Ward called “Call of Duty Ghosts”. We ponder if it’s legit or not, then Patrick Swayze gets involved and it all goes a bit Roadhouse.

-That other XCOM shooter thing might still happen. Is that something the gang really care about or did Unknown give us all the XCOM goodness we needed?

- As a PR Stunt David Cage has sent out 2000 page scripts that are completely blank after the first couple of pages. We have some fun with this thing and wildly speculate and come up with stupid plot twists and potential dialogue!

- Ric and Richie finish off with a blues jam about the whole podcast that you’ve just listened to.

Hey, there might be another podcast next month! Who knows? Come back then!