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Life’s A Game Podcast 23 – Hot Momma Kratos

Despite having over a year to prepare for server demand, this podcast will be unavailable for the unforeseen future, and will soon run with most of its features removed. Don’t worry, Limp Bizkit are on the case.

Hackers have torn the coding to pieces, and allowed you to download the podcast directly if you right-click the above hyperlink.

If modding isn’t your thing, then subscribe via iTunes and we’ll let you know when the podcast you’ve paid for is ready to play at our convenience.

Insert joke about the CEO resigning here. TEEHEE!

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I Don’t Know Who’s In This One! Tell Me! Now!

Edward Price
Site creator and Podcast host; he hoped for an uncontroversial episode for once that didn’t require editing, and instead ended up involved in the most offensive podcast in the series’ history. If he edited most of this episode, it’d just be 20 minutes of talking to himself.
Gaminglives PageEdward

Richie Harkness
Creator of The 80s Movie Club. He was once involved in an affair with an Elf on thalidomide, leading to the birth of something not unlike a hobbit. The paternity case is still going.

Gaminglives PageRichie
The 80s Movie ClubFilms!

Keegan Spindler
Gaminglives, Beefjack and Platform writer; he was originally cast as Martin Lawrence in Hot Momma Kratos, but was too tall and white. The racism case is currently pending.
Gaminglives PageKeegan
The Platform PodcastListen here!

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster. Richard Richard, pudding and pie, insulted the girls and made them cry. When the boys came out to play, he did a podcast with them.
Signposted Disastersignposteddisaster.co.uk
Gaminglives PageRic
Nuthin’ Else To Donuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com
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Oh, Those Guys? What Are They Talking About, Then?

- Things get ghetto and on tha streetz yo as Life’s A Game becomes Life’s A Rap.

- What we’ve been playing – including God of War Ascension, Little Inferno, Tomb Raider (which Ed loved, and Richie was apathetic to) and Of Orcs and Men (Warning: Minor spoilers for the beginning and one moment of the end of Tomb Raider).

- EA gets scrutinised heavily thanks to the plentiful amount of blunders surrounding Simcity and the retirement of their CEO.

- We decide what we’d do if we were suddenly snapped up by EA to run the company, with ideas ranging from free-to-play simulators to the Limp Bizkit Power Hour.

- Richie asks what’s been going on with the Tropes Vs Women in Videogames series by Anita Sarkeesian.

- Ric details his recent experiences in making girls cry.

- Richie tells us all about his new website.

- There’s a quick wrap-up of other news in gaming, including the confirmation of no single-player Tomb Raider DLC, Deus Ex: Wii U, and our initial impressions of the PS4.

- Ric once again closes the podcast with a song about what you’ve just heard.

We’ll probably see you again next month or something maybe?