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Life’s A Game Podcast 21 – Day One Un-Purchase

What if Run DMC were the protagonists in the new Devil May Cry? What wins in the battle between babies and tapas? Can everyone stop being racist? Answers to all these questions and several more await you in the first Life’s A Game of 2013!

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Alright, enough of all that introduction nonsense, who’s actually in this thing?

Edward Price
Site creator and Podcast host; he hoped for an uncontroversial episode for once that didn’t require editing, and instead ended up involved in the most offensive podcast in the series’ history. If he edited most of this episode, it’d just be 20 minutes of talking to himself.
Gaminglives PageEdward

Richie Harkness
Creator of The 80s Movie Club. After his various excursions into midget-related rants, this year he’s seemingly moved on and now extolls the virtues of eating tapas over producing and raising children.
The 80s Movie ClubFilms!
Gaminglives PageRichie

Keegan Spindler
Gaminglives, Beefjack and Platform writer; he’s due to be wed later this year, which in Ed’s opinion means there’s plenty of time to get a bouncy castle booked before the big day. What? It’d be awesome!
Gaminglives PageKeegan
The Platform PodcastListen here!

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster, accidental racist and Indie Developer: He’s currently making a game of Richie’s pitch from episode 17, and you can download it via a link below!
Signposted Disastersignposteddisaster.co.uk
Gaminglives PageRic
Nuthin’ Else To Donuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com
Dire Date – The Dinner Date Mod The “Dire Date” mod
Ric’s New Indie Game!Sad Lonely Studios presents – dry.
Ric’s Prototype for Life’s A Game: The GameMiddle Distance Games presents – Life’s A Game: The Game (Alpha)

Okay, so now I know who’s talking, what are they talking about?

- Games we’ve been playing lately, including Hitman Absolution, Assassin’s Creed 3, DmC: Devil May Cry, Rise of the Guardians, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles, Mario Kart 7 and Saints Row the Third.

- This week’s first “With A Twist…” takes us to the underworld with “What if it was DmC: Devil May Cry, but…?”

- Breaking news occurs as we learn during recording that HMV are going into administration and we discuss none of the good times we’ve had with said store.

- We start the first of our 2012 awards, with Ric giving his “Shook the Pillars of Heaven” award to Sleeping Dogs, with Hitman Absolution and Mass Effect 3 as runners-up, whilst Ric becomes accidentally racist.

- Richie debates whether he should buy Far Cry 3.

- Keegan gives us his award – “The Most Fun You Can Have While Dying” and gives it to Tokyo Jungle. The rest of the gang nominate FTL: Faster Than Light, Worms Revolution and Hannah Montana: The Movie: The Game (even though it wasn’t released in 2012, trust us, we know), as well as why it’s okay for Ric to own the latter game, but not Richie.

- Meanwhile, Ed tries to plan Keegan’s wedding, with unsuccessful results.

- Richie delivers his award – “The X-Factor Audience” and attributes it to FIFA 13, with the rest of the cast nominating Doritos Crash Course (the DLC came out last year so it sort of counts) and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. The discussion then turns to how weird the Xbox Live community can get and Richie explains why eating Tapas is better than raising a family.

- We bring back “With A Twist” as Ed pitches the cast a new idea for a game (“Fanboys Revenge“), prompting them to build on it with ideas of their own.

- With his game unsuccessfully pitched, Ed presents the final award – “Marmite Wank“, and is immediately caught out for stealing one of Keegan’s ideas and renaming it to something sillier. Regardless, he presses on and names Dishonored as the winner, with other members nominating Halo 4. The discussion then turns into lighting engines and Ed successfully sets Richie off on another rant.

- We end on our resolutions for the forthcoming gaming year and what games we’re looking forward to before saying goodbye via an impromptu Richie pitch called “Tiger Fuck Up” and a guitar solo.

Okay, so every time I predict when there’s going to be a new Life’s A Game, that doesn’t actually go as planned, so… if we say there’s likely to be one next month, that’s probably the most realistic bet.
So, see you soon!

<3 Jokesound

LAG Podcast Episode 15 – Air Luteing

After recovering from this year’s E3, Life’s A Game takes a look at the ongoing sexism in games debate, pokes fun at the “Misandry In Videogames” debate, gets rich off of Kickstarter and even takes some time to talk about what they saw at E3 2012…

As always, there’s more!

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You know how I said earlier that you don’t have to keep coming back here if you don’t want to? Well, if you did that then you’d miss out on these amazing outtakes from the episode that were so good we couldn’t possibly let them go unheard!

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The Dulcet Tones Rocking You Gently This Episode Are…

Edward Price
The creator of this site and host of this podcast… or at least that’s what it says on his name tag. After going to E3 for the first time earlier this month, he now spends his nights laying awake and pining over his lost love… The Cheesecake Factory.
Gaminglives PageEdward

Lorna Reid
Head Honcho of Gaminglives.com, head-butter of nuns and editor of words. Plus, she’s an actual woman, which makes tackling the tricky issue of sexism in games a lot easier, I’d imagine!
Gaminglives PageLorna
Sketchstone – (Sketchstone.com)

Mark Smith
He’s the man they call Zero, and an unfortunate soul who had to put up with Edward for a whole week in E3. Luckily, this made it a lot easier to get him onto the podcast to discuss it. Cos, you know, Stockholm Syndrome. Plus he went to E3, lucky sod.
Gaminglives PageZeroMark

Ric Cowley
Creator of Signposted Disaster and demolisher of fourth walls. Thanks to this episode’s pitch segment, he’s decided to do a brand new Kickstarter project of his own in order to achieve internet fame, which is kind of like going on Big Brother except more people threaten to rape you. You can donate and/or pledge to it via the link below, and even appear in an episode as yourself!

Ric’s IndieGoGo Project – Gayme Over?Click Here To Pledge
Signposted Disastersignposteddisaster.co.uk
Nuthin’ Else To Donuthinelsetodo.wordpress.com
Gaminglives Page -Ric

Want To Know What Happens This Episode? We’ll Tell You!

- This week is kicked off as it always is, with what we’ve been playing. We start with Mark’s futuristic heroism on Ghost Recon before Lorna gets down and dirty with Deponia, Ric discusses replaying Penny Arcade Adventures over and over again for internet recognition, before Edward drives cars in a circle in the name of F1 Online.

- Nuns are headbutted in our discussion over the new Hitman: Absolution trailer as we begin to discuss the latest sexism in games debate.

- It continues as we look at ‘that scene’ in the new Tomb Raider footage, before judging whether it’s gone too far and if games are mature enough to feature that kind of content.

- Mark invents “The Jim Initiative” in response to the abuse towards Anita Sarkessian’s “Tropes Versus Women In Videogames” Kickstarter, which has seen her receive death and rape threats aplenty on top of that “Misandry In Videogames” counter series invented by over-priviledged white manbabies.

- We conjure controversy in our regular Pitching feature, as the gang collaborate to invent a new Kickstarter project designed to piss off the kind of people who give death and rape threats to anyone daring to move the medium of gaming forward through valid criticism.
Ric has actually created an IndieGoGo page for the webseries he proposed from this section, which you can donate and pledge to by clicking on this sentence! Neat!

- The new host takes over the podcast and drives the discussion back to E3, allowing us to talk about our favourite games of the show and what we’re most looking forward to, including NFS Most Wanted, Watch Dogs and Beyond: Two Souls.

- Edward goes into fanboy crisis mode at the thought of Nintendo failing with their latest console venture, the poorly named Wii U. Then things get a little Shatnery over the upcoming Namco Bandai Star Trek title.

- The show draws to a close once again with the recommendations of the week, including the point and click masterpiece Deponia, race winning F1 Online, monologgy Max Payne and broomstick-smashing The Witcher 2. Edward then warns against the recent Prometheus film and pitches an avant-garde masterpiece.

Thanks once again for listening, and we hope you enjoy! The next podcast will hopefully be around in a fortnight!

<3 Edward Price, aka Jokesound.